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Welcome to Tanks A Lot – A SCUBA Database

Welcome to Tanks A Lot – an online resource for SCUBA equipment service manuals, schematics, and owner’s manuals! If you’re a passionate diver who loves taking care of your gear and wants to ensure peak performance, you’ve come to the right place. My website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive database of essential information for SCUBA equipment.

My extensive collection of service manuals, schematics, and owner’s manuals cover a wide range of SCUBA equipment from reputable manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to perform routine maintenance, troubleshoot an issue, or simply gain a deeper understanding of your gear, my user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the exact information you need.

Safety is paramount when it comes to diving. I believe that arming yourself with knowledge and understanding your equipment inside-out is the key to safe and enjoyable diving experiences.

Unfortunately a lot of manufacturers make it hard to find information and manuals about their equipment. The often touted intent is to keep away laymen from servicing SCUBA equipment. A poorly serviced piece of SCUBA gear can indeed be life threatening. That being said, one has to ask themselves, how much a “trained” technician is really able to learn in one of the manufacturers SCUBA clinics, which sometimes just take 2 hours.
I believe that often this erecting of barriers has the opposite effect of what has been intended. Dive gear doesn’t get the treatment it should, mistakes get overlooked or not spotted, thus resulting in more questionable gear.
Surely a well educated dive community with the tools at hand to spot mistakes in equipment is the best defense to malfunctioning or life threatening equipment.

This is not just a website; it’s a database that has an upload function, enabling the community to share their knowledge.

So, whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting to explore the wonders beneath the waves, Tanks A Lot is here to be your trusted companion in keeping your SCUBA equipment in top-notch condition. Dive into a sea of knowledge, take control of your gear, and embark on a journey of underwater exploration like never before. Happy diving and happy servicing!

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