About me

Hello! I’m Thomas, a dive professional with a deep-seated passion for diving and a strong focus on technical expertise and equipment maintenance.

Before embarking on my journey as a dive instructor, I underwent an apprenticeship as a surveyor, which instilled in me a keen eye for detail and precision.

Beyond my professional qualifications, I have always been genuinely interested in fixing things myself. I have a natural inclination for being hands-on and a deep curiosity about how things work. This passion for tinkering and problem-solving has been a driving force in my pursuit of technical certifications in the diving industry.

During my time as a dive center manager in Zanzibar from 2015 to 2020, I took on the responsibility of maintaining the center’s equipment. I understood that properly functioning gear is not just essential for a pleasant dive; it can make the difference between running a good or a great dive center.

My desire to take ownership of equipment maintenance led me to become the owner of a SCUBA Testing station in Zanzibar. Whether it’s inspecting cylinders, servicing regulators, or ensuring the reliability of oxygen systems, I take immense pride in delivering meticulous and reliable results.

While technical expertise is crucial, it is the genuine joy I find in sharing my knowledge and skills with others that truly drives me. Seeing fellow divers empowered with a better understanding of their gear and a heightened sense of confidence is incredibly rewarding. My goal has always been to foster a community of knowledgeable and safety-conscious divers who can explore the underwater world with utmost peace of mind.

Professional service vs. Do-It-Yourself

Throughout my years of experience in the diving industry, I’ve realized that having gear serviced by a professional doesn’t always guarantee the highest standard of work. I encountered instances where equipment, supposedly serviced by professionals, still exhibited issues or overlooked problems. This further strengthened my belief that taking matters into your own hands, especially when it concerns life-support gear, can lead to a higher level of confidence in your equipment’s reliability.

Being a hands-on and technically-minded individual, I strongly advocate for divers to educate themselves about their gear and learn how to perform equipment maintenance properly. When you have a profound understanding of the inner workings of your diving equipment, you can be more thorough in your inspections and address potential issues preemptively.

However, I also acknowledge that not everyone has the same level of interest or technical inclination. Therefore, please do not attempt to maintain your equipment yourself if you don’t feel confident in servicing your gear. My aim is to create a community of divers who are not only well-informed but also empowered to take an active role in their own safety while on the other hand knowing their limits. Whether you prefer to service your equipment yourself or rely on a trusted professional, the key is to prioritize equipment maintenance as an essential aspect of your diving journey.

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